When it comes to weddings, one of the most essential parts is your cake! It is the centerpiece of your wedding reception. Our passion goes beyond just an artistic cake! Our cakes are exceptional and unique because they are made with careful planning. Each project is specially designed with the utmost love and care you deserve!

In order to reserve the date for your cake, we require a $500 non-refundable deposit.

 Book your cake well in advance to ensure your date availability and time to do proper planning. Your cake will need to be thought out and designed carefully so we do advise that you book at least 3-6 month booking in advance. Please fill out the consultation request form to get started!

The cake consultation is complimentary with a 3 -tier wedding cake order. However; we do ask that you pay a $35 fee prior to the meeting consultation.  If you decide to go with Sweet Treasures, then that fee would go towards your cake!

During your meeting, our team will walk you through your options, take down your ideas, show you samples of our work, discuss pricing and offer 4 flavors of cakes/buttercreams for you to try. If you have any invitations available or sash, bring them with you – we would be delighted to turn those items into an inspiration! 

Absolutely! Please feel free to share your idea and we will make sure to put it into action! Sweet Treasures is dedicated to customize cakes to each individual! We love to take on new creative challenges. More times than not, we will be able to accommodate your request.

Buttercream is what you’ll commonly see on many traditional cakes.  It is made primarily of butter, egg whites and sugar.  At Sweet Treasures, we make a Swiss and an Italian Meringue Buttercream which has a silky, delicious taste and will allow for a nice, smooth finish on your cake.  Fondant is a sugar paste, with a taste similar to marshmallow, that can be rolled out into a thin layer then draped over the cake, creating a beautifully smooth cover.  Fondant can also be used to make figures and other decorations (polka dots, stars, flowers, etc.) that can be placed on any type of cake.  Please note that fondant is placed over a layer of ganache in the flavor of your choosing–and this, combined with the three layers of filling in your cake, means that a fondant-covered cake will still taste like your desired flavor!

While fondant and sugar is edible, many cake decorations (especially three-dimensional ones) require structural supports that are inedible, as well as securing with inedible supports.  We recommend removing such decorations and keeping them as keepsakes of your celebration!

Having a unique, personalized cake created for you is a custom service. We take a great deal of time creating the perfect cake which accurately reflects the theme, occasion and personality of the cake. Every cake is a unique piece of art. As with any handcrafted work, there is a high price to pay. It’s impossible to offer a price list, since each cake incorporates so many variables. We take into account the number of servings, the complexity of diverse design elements, and particulars important to the celebrants. Sometimes a smaller cake may take longer to create than a larger one, and therefore, it will be priced higher per slice (the basis for pricing used by most bakeries).

Planning the design usually takes anywhere between 2-3 weeks. We will begin the planning and all the needed preparations. Once the final design has been approved, you will sign the contract and wait for the creation on your big day!

Sweet Treasures will deliver your cake free of charge if it is within 15 miles. Anything beyond that will have a variable cost depending on how far we would need to travel.

Booking requires the $500 non-refundable deposit, 50% of the cost upon finishing the digital drafts and final balance 2 weeks before the event. Any cancellation after work has been started will incur the full amount to be paid.

The 50% deposit is non-refundable. In the event of a cancellation after the cake has been worked on, it will be the responsibility of the customer to pay the total amount of the incurred expenses. Due to the nature of our work, we purchase special materials to accommodate each order immediately after orders are placed.